My Favorite PIcture


This is a picture that I took two years ago on my family vacation to the Phillipines. I took the picture when there were no people around, and so it captures the pure, serene beauty of the shores and the ocean. When I look at this picture, I am reminded of all the fun I had there, and the memories I made. I can almost feel the salty breeze on my face, and hear the soft crashing of the waves.


A Poem

This is one of many famous poems from the Korean poet Kim So-Weol (김소월). It is titled, Azaleas (진달래꽃).


나 보기가 역겨워

Because it is unsettling to see me

가실 때에는

I will let you go

말없이 고이 보내 드리우리다.

with any hassle.

영변에 약산

Flower of the mountains


the Azaleas;

아름 따다 가실 길에 뿌리우리다.

I shall spread along the path you will go.

가시는 걸음 걸음

every step you take while going

놓인 그 꽃을

pass lightly on

사뿐히 즈려 밟고 가시옵소서.

the flowers on the path.

나 보기가 역겨원

because it is unsettling to see me

가실 때에는

even if I die, I shall never cry

죽어도 아니 눈물 흘리우리다.

when you go.

1. This poem talks about the poet’s melancholy feeling. It expresses his regret, and longing. The last line especially shows his unchanging devotion towards the leaving person, by showing how much he is willing to make a sacrifice if it would benefit her.

3. A symbol used in this poem is the Azaleas. It represents the poet himself, or rather an icon of his feelings of love. It shows how he wishes for the leaving person to stay, and be his forever.

5. The tone of the poet in this poem is at first sad. As it progresses, it turns into a sort of accepting, yet still mourning and melancholy voice. At its ending, the poet sounds as if he is giving up, although wounded inside. Overall, the atmosphere created by the word-choice is very sad, and negative.


What University Do You Want To Go To? Part 2.

Before, I uploaded a post talking about a number of small universities that caught my eye. This time, I am moving to big universities. These are the top three universities.

1. Harvard Law School

The reason that I wish to attend this university is straightforward: it is a prestigious, high-quality, global university that offers a lot of opportunities to its students


2. Stanford

The reason that I wish to attend this university is also similar. It is well known, and is one of the best schools in the world.


3. Princeton

The reason that I wish to attend this university is, again, because of its quality. The teachers, students, facilities, everything is worth the high tuition charged.


A Talk with my Grandparents (Actually Parents)

During Chuseok, it is the Korean tradition to visit relatives, including grandparents.

I also did go to visit my relatives, and had a good time with them. However, my grandparents (both sides) are way over on the other side of ocean, in Canada. So, I had to settle with talking to them over the phone, and writing this post about my parents.

I talked to my parents about an issue that many students my age ponder about: my future career. Up until now, I had always wanted to become a lawyer. I had much interest in the law, and legal procedures. However, recently, I have started to look to other options, especially since there is no law major in college. My parents did want me to think for myself and find an area that I truly enjoyed. However, they said that if I truly wanted their opinion on the matter, they would suggest economics, to go on to business management.


My Most Academic Moment

Everyone has their moment, when they shine. They become the star of the stage, and take the glory.

I had one moment of that nature, academically. It was when I was in 7th grade. Our school gave out special awards of recognition to the top 5 students, and then the students who had a GPA of 3.95 and above. I received both of these awards, which was a great achievement. My parents celebrated with me for my outstanding performance, and they told me that they received messages of praise and envy from other parents. I was happy for my parents, because I had made them proud. But most of all, I was elated myself, because such a moment gave me the confidence that I could do anything, if I put my best effort into it. From then on, I decided I would make more of such moments, in the future, and improve daily to work towards my goals. The feeling and pride at that moment was so great, and I enjoyed it greatly.

I had a similar moment in third grade, the second semester. Many students in the third grade took a test called 비교평가, a few weeks ago. It was to make up for our grades when we go to high school. I plan to go to CSIA high school, so I had to get every question on the English test correct. The test itself wasn’t that hard, and also English is one of the subjects I’m confident in, yet if I made just one mistake, and got one wrong, I would not be able to go to CSIA. So the test was a extremely important one. I prepared meticulously for it, and up until the moment I started taking the actual test, I was slightly nervous. However, the test proved to be easy enough, and after checking my answers over five times, I was able to let out a sigh of relief. A few days later, I compared my answers to the ones posted online, and they were all the same. I had aced the test. Although it was an expected result, I was elated.


A Conversation with My Parents

These are a few questions I wanted to ask my parents, and the corresponding answers I believe they would give.

1. “Are you happy?”

Of course. For starters, I have a lovely family. You help me get through every day, no matter how hard. I cannot begin to tell you how much our family means to me. Second, I am in good health. As you know, I am getting near my late-forties. I am lucky to be in such a physically-fit state. On top of that, I have time now and then to do something I enjoy. I have nothing more to ask for.

2. “What would you have done if you never married, and had children?”

That’s quite tough to answer, because I have never really thought deeply about any other life without our family. However, I guess if I really had never married, then (Mom: I would have gone on studying, and finally take up a job as a schoolteacher. / Dad: I would be working in the same field, but maybe in a different country, like Canada or America.)

3. “What advice do you have for me, or Miru?”

Well, you two are doing so well, and you have never let down our expectations. I just wish you would continue to be as diligent, and happy as you are now. Also, I want to tell you that studying is not everything. From time to time, other things, like socializing and keeping up with the world around you is necessary. Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest. Happiness and health is first.


Comments On Moyes

Yoon Ji Sun, a reporter for Daum, wrote an article related to big club Manchester United’s recently evicted manager, David Moyes. She talked about his failure to succeed at the club, and how it was compared with Sir Alex Ferguson’s outstanding performance.

The key point of the article was:

“Moyes had expressed his complaints related to the fan’s disappointment, and his own eviction from his position, by saying that ‘he hadn’t been given enough time’ or ‘the club had not supported him fully.'”

Article from:

My response is:

It is true that Moyes faced a huge burden with the high expectations from Manchester United fans. However, when he stepped up to hold the position of manager for such a big club with world-class players and staff, he must have also matched such standards. He was not at Everton anymore, it was time for him to realize that, and act accordingly. The result, however, is that he has failed, with the same resources and background as Sir Alex Ferguson, and that’s what makes it the more embarrassing for him. We look forward to the new manager, Pan Hall, to bring things back to normal at Old Trafford.