Hello World


My name is Sol Jun,  全率. Sol Haesung Jun. Like all names, there is a story to where it came from.

My mother and father, like many Korean parents, named me using Chinese characters. Sol stands for a person with leadership, my parents wanted me to grow up to be someone who leads, not follows other, as they always tell me. Also, “Sol” can stand for “sun” in Spanish, and “pine-tree” in Korean. In naming me “Sol,” my parents expressed their hope that I would become a bright person, like the sun, that lights up the world, and also be consistent and steady person, like a pine-tree.

Secondly, my middle name Haesung also has a unique meaning to it. My younger sister has the middle name Doran. My parents’ first names are Dosung and Haeran. My sister and I both received a syllable each from these names, to form the middle names, Haesung and Doran. My parents formed a sense of family unity, through combining and intertwining all of our names together, as part of a whole.

My name is rather unique in Korea, where most names are composed of three syllables, but this is one of the best things about my name. It is short, but stands out. It also gives me a certain expectation, a goal that I must achieve, set by my parents. I thank both of them for giving me such a meaningful name, and in return I will try to live up to it, to the best of my ability.


A tree, one the is ever green, all year round,

unchanging, always the same, whenever found


A leader, resolute and brave,

leading his followers onto new roads he will pave


The Sun, lone but firm in its warm, shining light,

brightening the world, for without it, it would forever be night


A tree, a leader, the Sun,

Who? I, whose name is Sol Jun.




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