A Sublime? Moment As A 3rd Grader

Hi, I’m HoHyun!

When the class lists was announced, I found my name under “class 3.” So was someone named Im HoHyun.

HoHyun is very eccentric. To start off, he was born on February 28, 2000. Maybe for that reason, he seems more like a child than a middle schooler. He is happy 24/7, likes to joke around, and gives us a good laugh once in a while. He does some weird things from time to time, which is why I describe him as “eccentric.” On the other hand, he can be serious when the situation requires it, and can be understanding. Oh, and I forgot, he is talented at writing poems, he wrote the poem on basketball.

All in all, HoHyun is an amusing person to have around, and will probably be one of the people that will stand out when I look back at my time at CheongShim.




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