My Own Legacy, Three-Hundred Years Later

Each person leaves their own mark upon the world, no matter how small.

What makes the difference is how it affects the others living in our society.

I hope to leave this mark, in two different ways.


1. Aid the Poor and Needy

This wish comes with the prerequisite that I will be sufficiently rich enough to do this, let us suppose that I will be. If so, then I would like to continuously support orphans, the handicapped, the elderly, the homeless, anyone who needs help, by donating sums of money to organizations to be used for their benefit. I would build shelters, homes, and facilities take provide for these groups of people, and they would be named after me, and fully functioning, three-hundred years later. Upon my death, I would donate more than half of my wealth for these causes, because there is never such a thing as too much.


2. Set Up Medical Institutes In Poor Areas

Again, I would need to be rich financially in order to achieve this goal, but again that is a prerequisite to this legacy. If I am able to realize this goal, I would construct and set up various medical institutes in regions deprived of such facilities. Especially in developing countries such as Africa, where people die of easily cured diseases, like the common cold, because they do not have access to vaccines and basic medicine, a little contribution can save thousands. These hospitals will provide this basic medication to the patients, free of cost. They also will be named after me, and will continue to help people in need, way after my death.


These are slightly overly ambitious goals, but if I am to aim, it is better to aim high than low, and I would like to leave my legacy in this world in this way.





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