If I Had 100 Billion Dollars

10 Projects

1) Set up an institute and research facility, to develop a permanent source of renewable energy, and solve global warming

2) Set up a chain of special, state-of the art hospitals in developing countries and poor countries and regions, that will treat and care for needy patients free of charge

3) Set up a chain of high-quality,  elementary, middle, high schools and colleges in countries and regions where education is not provided, and again make everything free of charge

4) Donate everything single cent to global charity organizations, and private ones, that benefit the minorities in society


5) Create a world-wide chocolate river; white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate

6) Buy McDonalds, PapaJohns, KFC, Jamba Juice, Google, Apple, Samsung. Install private chains within my house, ready to answer to my every whim

7) Buy Africa, develop the natural resources, become even richer, if that is possible, and achieve all the other goals.

8) Open a private hotdog company, that will become the best in the world

9) Buy North Korea, and unify Korea

10) Buy Manchester United FC and fire Moyes.

a) I would prioritize number 1. This is because it seems the most urgent issue in the current society, and it will benefit the most people.

b) I would initiate this through buying a wide, separate piece of land for the facility, and then buy the most advanced devices and technology to be used during research. Finally, when a permanent source of renewable energy is developed, global warming will be solved, forever and ever!

There is never too much.

Wants go on and on, like this endless funnel.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.20.16 AM


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