My Grammar Nightmare

To Dahee,

Hi. I’m Sol Jun, and as you are my favorite junior student, I would like to give you some advice on English, specifically grammar!

When I studied English grammar, I struggled with subject-verb agreement. See, if the subject is singular, the verb also should be singular, and if the subject is plural, the verb should be plural.

For example,

Most comets have two kinds of tails.

The subject is a plural (comets) so the verb is also plural (have, not has!)

Now, let’s have a few practice problems. Try to get them all right.


1. Forming a circle with the thumb and index finger (means/mean) money to a Korean person but it stands for OK to an American person.

2. To have some experiences about something different from our job (broadens/broaden) our horizon about the world around us.

3. How a flock of birds moves flawlessly as an organized group (has been/have been) discovered by some physicists.


The answers are at the bottom!! Also right belows are two links to online quizzes, if you want to solve some more problems. From my experience, the only way to become good at English grammar is to practice, practice, practice!!! I have overcome subject-verb agreement, and therefore so can you!! Have hope, and good luck.


Answers: 1. means 2. broadens 3. has been




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