On Science

Science is one of my favorite subjects, although the fact that it is the subject I score highest may contribute to this opinion.

So today I will write a few lines on this subject, specifically on biology.


Biology is fascinating. I always look forward to the class, and when it finally comes, I immerse into the lesson and absorb what our teacher tells us. This semester we are learning about reproduction and the cell cycle. When I saw and learned how a baby came into being, or how a cell divided itself into two identical cells,  I start to wonder how all of the life that surrounds us started. I marvel at its wonders, and science becomes that much more exciting. I am also interested with other topics in Biology, specifically DNA, and although it may be hard, I wish to learn more about it. The teacher also contributes to my love of the subject. She is calm, and thorough, and creates a comfortable yet somewhat serious and firm atmosphere. I can freely ask questions, but also at the same time everyone refrains from chatting, because the other students, and the teacher, both stare at them. My parents graduated as engineers, and they always encourage me to follow their career path. However, my dream is to become a lawyer, although my favorite subject will probably always be SCIENCE. Or maybe English….




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