I Agree!

I read my friend Myeong Seo’s blog, (http://audtj1338.wordpress.com/page/2/)

and just wanted to talk about a post, that I agreed with her about.


The title of her post was In to the ‘Core’, In to the movie “Core’

The Core  is a futuristic sci-fi movie about a situation where the core has stopped flowing. It causes many problems, and may be the end of the world. A team of scientists, physicists, and other professionals go down inside the Earth to fix the problem and save the day.

We also watched the same movie in our class! We watched it time to time between regular lectures, and I really enjoyed it.  Reading what she wrote about the movie. I had the impression that she did as well! We also seemed to agree that watching the movie was not a waste of time! As Myeong Seo said, watching <The Core>

“made me to go over(review) the midterm exam indirectly.”

We were able to review learned concepts, and get to know new ones as we watched them incorporated into the action and suspense of the plot. Seeing we saw things similarly, I wanted to ask her, did she also think that the movie was too cruel? Since for me, it was pretty sad when I watched the scene where the characters had to die. It seemed terrible, especially when the other crew members had literally caused the death.

I enjoyed the movie, and Myeong Seo’s article about it!




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