10 Inspiring Koreans

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1. List (5 obvious, 5 obscure)

Dan Gun Wang Gum (단군왕검)

=The founder of “Korea” as a country.

King Sejong (세종대왕)

=A great king of the Josun Era. He created the first forms of Hangul, Korea’s official written language.

An Jung Geun (안중근)

=A passionate Korean nationalist, patriot, and independence activist.

Ban Ki Moon (반기문)

=The eighth and current secretary-general of the United Nations.

Kim Yuna (김연아)

=A famous figure-skater who has won numerous awards and medals.

Park Jisung (박지성)

=A prominent professional soccer player who was said to have “two hearts” to account for his untiring iron fitness.

Park Tae Hwan (박태환)

=A swimmer, who has won many times on world stages.

Son Yeon Jae (손연재)

=A rising rhythmic gymnast. She has participated in the olympics even at her young age.

Psy (싸이)

=A singer and celebrity, well-known for many songs, most notably “Gangnam Style.”

Kim Seung Su (김성수)

=An extremely wise, and friendly educator. He is not famous, however those who have met him say they surely have strong emotions toward him deep in their hearts. He leaves a mark, in each person.

2. Choose one of the 10 as MOST significant

Ban Ki Moon.

3. Explain why? (What we should emulate)

Ban Ki Moon is an inspiring, and great person. He is already famous world-wide, and creates a pride for South Koreans. If we retrace his path, from an ordinary South Korean, and his aspire to the Secretary-General of the U.N., we can glimpse the gigantic obstacles and hardships he met on the way, and how he dealt and overcame each one. Much effort and sheer grit was necessary to travel such a path as his, and this is the reason why many people admire him. He should also be properly introduced to foreigners other than South Koreans.

4. Image (at top of the page) hyperlink

5. Quote and/or 사자서어 (hanja, hangul, romanization of pronunciation, english meaning)

“Together we want to help the world see and believe in a better future.”

Meaning? As it is.

Ban Ki Moon believes in finding, creating, and keeping an ideal world which is peaceful, happy, and equal. He tries his very best to contribute in the effort to realize this world, and sets this value above any others. He also continues to believe in such a world, and the fact that it can be brought into actualization. This fits his position as a diplomat, since a diplomat attempts to make the best decision possible that would benefit the most people as a whole.



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