Comments On Moyes

Yoon Ji Sun, a reporter for Daum, wrote an article related to big club Manchester United’s recently evicted manager, David Moyes. She talked about his failure to succeed at the club, and how it was compared with Sir Alex Ferguson’s outstanding performance.

The key point of the article was:

“Moyes had expressed his complaints related to the fan’s disappointment, and his own eviction from his position, by saying that ‘he hadn’t been given enough time’ or ‘the club had not supported him fully.'”

Article from:

My response is:

It is true that Moyes faced a huge burden with the high expectations from Manchester United fans. However, when he stepped up to hold the position of manager for such a big club with world-class players and staff, he must have also matched such standards. He was not at Everton anymore, it was time for him to realize that, and act accordingly. The result, however, is that he has failed, with the same resources and background as Sir Alex Ferguson, and that’s what makes it the more embarrassing for him. We look forward to the new manager, Pan Hall, to bring things back to normal at Old Trafford.


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