A Conversation with My Parents

These are a few questions I wanted to ask my parents, and the corresponding answers I believe they would give.

1. “Are you happy?”

Of course. For starters, I have a lovely family. You help me get through every day, no matter how hard. I cannot begin to tell you how much our family means to me. Second, I am in good health. As you know, I am getting near my late-forties. I am lucky to be in such a physically-fit state. On top of that, I have time now and then to do something I enjoy. I have nothing more to ask for.

2. “What would you have done if you never married, and had children?”

That’s quite tough to answer, because I have never really thought deeply about any other life without our family. However, I guess if I really had never married, then (Mom: I would have gone on studying, and finally take up a job as a schoolteacher. / Dad: I would be working in the same field, but maybe in a different country, like Canada or America.)

3. “What advice do you have for me, or Miru?”

Well, you two are doing so well, and you have never let down our expectations. I just wish you would continue to be as diligent, and happy as you are now. Also, I want to tell you that studying is not everything. From time to time, other things, like socializing and keeping up with the world around you is necessary. Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest. Happiness and health is first.


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