A Talk with my Grandparents (Actually Parents)

During Chuseok, it is the Korean tradition to visit relatives, including grandparents.

I also did go to visit my relatives, and had a good time with them. However, my grandparents (both sides) are way over on the other side of ocean, in Canada. So, I had to settle with talking to them over the phone, and writing this post about my parents.

I talked to my parents about an issue that many students my age ponder about: my future career. Up until now, I had always wanted to become a lawyer. I had much interest in the law, and legal procedures. However, recently, I have started to look to other options, especially since there is no law major in college. My parents did want me to think for myself and find an area that I truly enjoyed. However, they said that if I truly wanted their opinion on the matter, they would suggest economics, to go on to business management.


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