A Poem

This is one of many famous poems from the Korean poet Kim So-Weol (김소월). It is titled, Azaleas (진달래꽃).


나 보기가 역겨워

Because it is unsettling to see me

가실 때에는

I will let you go

말없이 고이 보내 드리우리다.

with any hassle.

영변에 약산

Flower of the mountains


the Azaleas;

아름 따다 가실 길에 뿌리우리다.

I shall spread along the path you will go.

가시는 걸음 걸음

every step you take while going

놓인 그 꽃을

pass lightly on

사뿐히 즈려 밟고 가시옵소서.

the flowers on the path.

나 보기가 역겨원

because it is unsettling to see me

가실 때에는

even if I die, I shall never cry

죽어도 아니 눈물 흘리우리다.

when you go.

1. This poem talks about the poet’s melancholy feeling. It expresses his regret, and longing. The last line especially shows his unchanging devotion towards the leaving person, by showing how much he is willing to make a sacrifice if it would benefit her.

3. A symbol used in this poem is the Azaleas. It represents the poet himself, or rather an icon of his feelings of love. It shows how he wishes for the leaving person to stay, and be his forever.

5. The tone of the poet in this poem is at first sad. As it progresses, it turns into a sort of accepting, yet still mourning and melancholy voice. At its ending, the poet sounds as if he is giving up, although wounded inside. Overall, the atmosphere created by the word-choice is very sad, and negative.


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